5 Creative Ideas Alexa Commands to Try

As you unbox your Alexa device, you’re not just setting up a piece of technology; you’re unlocking a companion that will bring efficiency and a spark of joy to your home. Let’s dive into the first five commands that will not only introduce you to the convenience of Alexa but also inspire you to think creatively about your new smart home experience.

1. “Alexa, start my day with a surprise.”

What it does: This command triggers a random fun activity or piece of information to kickstart your day. 

Why it’s creative: It introduces an element of spontaneity and excitement to your morning routine, making each day unique. 


  • “Alexa, start my day with a surprise.”
    • Alexa might share a quirky historical fact.
    • Alexa could tell you a joke to make you laugh.
    • Alexa may suggest a random challenge, like writing a poem in 5 minutes.

2. “Alexa, create a vibe.”

What it does: Alexa sets the atmosphere in your room according to the mood you specify. 

Why it’s creative: It transforms your space to match your desired mood, using lighting and music to create an immersive experience. 


  • “Alexa, create a chill vibe.”
    • Dim the lights and play some smooth jazz.
  • “Alexa, create a party vibe.”
    • Flash the lights in different colors and play upbeat dance tracks.
  • “Alexa, create a focus vibe.”
    • Brighten the lights and play ambient sounds to help you concentrate.

3. “Alexa, what’s my flash fiction prompt for today?”

What it does: Alexa provides a creative writing prompt to inspire short stories. 

Why it’s creative: It encourages daily writing practice and sparks your imagination with diverse and intriguing scenarios. 


  • “Alexa, what’s my flash fiction prompt for today?”
    • “Write a story about a lost key found in an unexpected place.”
    • “Imagine a world where people can hear each other’s thoughts.”
    • “Create a tale involving a mysterious message in a bottle.”

4. “Alexa, plan a cultural evening.”

What it does: Alexa suggests activities for a themed cultural evening at home. 

Why it’s creative: It brings the experience of global exploration to your living room, offering a taste of different cultures through food, music, and film.


  • “Alexa, plan a French cultural evening.”
    • Suggest a French recipe, play French music, and recommend a classic French movie.
  • “Alexa, plan a Japanese cultural evening.”
    • Propose making sushi, play traditional Japanese music, and suggest an anime to watch.
  • “Alexa, plan an Italian cultural evening.”
    • Recommend cooking pasta, play Italian opera, and suggest a film set in Rome.

5. “Alexa, give me a DIY project.”

What it does: Alexa suggests a do-it-yourself project based on the items you have at home.

 Why it’s creative: It promotes creativity and resourcefulness, helping you to repurpose and upcycle items creatively. 


  • “Alexa, give me a DIY project.”
    • “Create a wall organizer using old cereal boxes.”
    • “Make a homemade terrarium with a spare glass jar.”
    • “Build a bird feeder from a plastic bottle and wooden spoons.”

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