What is Smart Plugs and How do Smart Plugs work Everything you need to know

So, if you are thinking to turn your home into a smart home then smart plugs or outlets are the best options to begin. 

Your ordinary device can be upgraded into a smart device, and you can upgrade a coffee maker, roof fan, and lamps into a smart device it can be controlled by your home assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the smart plugs app. 

What is a Smart Plug?

Smart plugs is a wifi-enabled power adapter you can connect to a router or a home hub. You can turn your regular home appliance into a smart home appliance by giving a single command like “Hey Alexa turn on the Lamp” and then magic it’s all possible with the smart plug.

How do Smart Plugs Work?

Smart plugs work by plugging them into an outlet and then connecting them to your wifi or home hub, Once you establish a connection then plug any device and control it with your smart speaker, smart display, or from your smartphone. 

Smart devices or apps simply process your queries and send signals to the smart plug to turn on or off. Smart plugs and outlets are cost-effective it can reduce your electricity consumption and save money.

What do you need for a smart plug?

To control the smart plugs, you just need a smart plug, a WiFi connection, and a smartphone. It can also be controlled through smart speakers, smart displays, or by giving commands to the digital assistant.

How To Setup smart plugs? 

There are many vendors that are selling smart plugs and the setup of all smart plugs is similar. Get the smart plug and download the smart home management app and add a new device you can find the button on the home screen 

Now plug it into a wall outlet and press the button on it.

When you press it the pairing mode starts then come to the app and pair the device to the app and enter your wifi info. Done! That’s it. 

Now plug something like a lamp or coffee maker and enjoy the comfort.

Do smart plugs use electricity when off?

Technically smart plugs are not turn off the specific device turned off that is plugged into them because smart plugs need to stay connected to the Wi-Fi. 

So, it consumes a little bit of energy about 12V for a Wi-Fi connection. However smart plugs are not used to save electricity the key role of smart plugs is to automate your ordinary devices.

Can smart plug work without the internet?

Internet is necessary for smart plugs but it can still work without it. To communicate with your smart plugs you must be connected to the network it can be WiFi, Zigbee, and Z-wave devices.

Zigbee is a wireless communication device for smart home devices it uses a mesh network that works with radio signals. A mesh network is where multiple devices are linked together smart plugs can also work with it.

Z-wave is another home control hub that can be managed and configured, and it can be used to control almost any device for home automation.

Can a smart plug turn on a tv?

Yes, smart plugs have the ability to turn on and off your ordinary TV or even smart TVs whenever you want and wherever you are. 

Just plug your TV into a smart plug and put the smart plug in the wall outlet then identify your home network and connect them you can control it through an app or a home hub like Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest monitor it through your voice commands.

Will a smart plug work with an extension cord?

Using a smart plug with an extension cord is completely safe, but the extension cord’s rating is 13 amps, so you should not exceed 2990W across all outlets. 

Alternatively, you can plug an extension cord into a smart plug. You may have to calculate the power of both the smart plug and extension cord.

Rather you have another better option is to use a dedicated Smart Extension Cord it has all the features built in itself.

How many smart plugs can I use?

​It depends on your home network. There is plenty of connection options available for smart plugs like Amazon Alexa, Wifi, Zigbee, and Z-Wave.

Alexa allows an unlimited number of Smart plugs to connect. you can identify each of the smart plugs like a roof fan, coffee maker, lamp, TV, and other things.

The limitation factor is in Wifi routers. Wifi routers limit you from connecting more than 255 devices to your network, so you cannot exceed the numbers. depends on the router.

What is the range of a smart plug?

Smart plugs should work if they are within range. Usually, the range of smart plugs available in the market has a range of up to 300 ft. 

However, some exclusive smart plugs are also available like the YoLink Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa which has 1/4 Mile it considers World’s Longest Range smart plug. Or you can use a wifi extender if you want to have more range.

Can you use a smart plug without an App?

Every smart device comes with its own app, But you don’t have to keep lying to them, There are a lot of apps like Kasa and Smart Life you only register with one app. Once you setup you can work them into Alexa or IFTTT and don’t need the app again.

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