Where is the Action Button on Echo Show? Problem Solved

Connect the Alexa echo device to the Alexa app or troubleshoot the Alexa devices requiring an action button. But echo show devices don’t have any action button because the screen itself acts as an action button. Although the other amazon echo devices have the action button like an echo dot device.

To connect your Echo Show with your Alexa app, you must do it from the echo show device itself but also an echo show doesn’t need to be connected to your app. It needs an internet connection to set up with your amazon account.

What is the echo action button?

Every Amazon Echo device has many buttons. You can interact with the device by pressing the Action button you’ll feel the vibration and then you can talk with Alexa. You can also silence the alarm and call your contacts or decline incoming calls.

Features of Alexa Echo action button.

Answer Calls: To answer calls press the action button and answer the call.

Reject Calls: If you don’t want to attend the call press the action button and hold for a second the call will be rejected.

Call your Contacts: Want to call your loved ones double-click the button Alexa will call your favorite contact.

Access Google Assistant or Siri: To connect your echo device with Siri or Google Assistant press the button and hold it for a second. When you hear the ring it means that the device is ready for your command.

Shutdown: To Shut down the Alexa echo device press the action button for three seconds you’ll feel a long vibration which means the device has powered off.

What Does the Alexa Buttons Do?

Alexa’s echo device buttons give you more control to manage the device. Usually, the Alexa device has four buttons: an Action Button, a Microphone Button, a Volume Up, and Volume Down Button.

Microphone: The microphone button allows you to hear your voice commands you can simply turn it on and off by pressing the button.

Action Button: Press the action button to activate any Echo Dot device then give your command by saying a word you can switch off the alarm.

Volume Up: This button is used for volume up you can easily find this on your device it has an icon like +. The echo Dot 1st generation does not have a volume button. You can adjust the volume by twisting it.

Volume Down: There is nothing complicated with the volume down button press which has an icon like – and that’s it.

Where is the Echo Show reset button?

The echo show device doesn’t have any action or reset button if you want to reset or try to troubleshoot the device you can do this with your Echo Show screen.

How to do a Factory Reset in the Echo Show?

Following are 4 steps to factory reset any echo show device.

Step 1: By swiping down from the top of the Echo Show device you’ll find the menu bar.

Step 2: Go to the settings from the menu bar.

Step 3: In the setting section, you’ll find the device option and tap on it.

Step 4: Now there is a Factory Reset option tap it and confirm Resetting.

The resetting process will take 3 to 4 minutes so don’t worry.


The echo show doesn’t come with an action button because it has a touchscreen itself. You can configure and troubleshoot the device by using the screen. The Echo Show’s screen replaces many of the Alexa App and action button functions. Even though other amazon echo devices come with the action button like the Echo Dot. But the Echo Show has other buttons like a microphone and volume up-down buttons. Echo Show gives you more control rather than the other Alexa Echo devices.


Where is the action button on echo show 5 or echo show 8?

The Echo Show 5 or 8 doesn’t have the Action button because it has a screen. You don’t need to use your phone to set it up.

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